The Syrian Democratic Council

The Relations Bureau of the SDC confirm the correctness of the Syrian dialogue path in its annual meeting

The Public Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council affirmed the correctness of the visions and positions taken by the Syrian Democratic Council by emphasizing the intra-Syrian resolution and its leadership of a national path that brings together a wide range of Syrian elites and their societal activities.

The annual meeting of the Relations Bureau, which was attended by the majority of the members and representatives of the Council abroad, discussed the current political situation in the Syrian, regional and international arenas and its repercussions on the Syrian file.

The meeting discussed the recent Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria, the insecurity and stability they cause, and the creation of a suitable environment for the return of ISIS, which poses a great threat to the region and the world.

Khalaf Dahoud, a member of the Relations Bureau, stated that they are as members stressed the importance of the intra-Syrian dialogue path in the political settlement away from the policies of the regional and international themes and agendas that followed the policies of no resolution, caused humanitarian disasters, and led the Syrians to an unbearable life in light of the deteriorating economic and living conditions in Syria.

Dahoud explained that the meeting warned against the relentless pursuit of the Turkish regime to eliminate the Autonomous Administration and undermine its efforts seeking to establish security and stability, preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, and deepen the relations of brotherhood and national cohesion among the various components and segments of the Syrian people, in order to reach a political resolution that secures the democratic transition and ends the crisis in the country.

On the other hand, the meeting discussed the organizational conditions of the Relations Bureau and stressed the need to enhance the struggle and communicate with all Syrian parties at home and abroad, and to support the efforts seeking to convene a conference of Syrian national and democratic powers.

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