The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement for the Public Opinion

We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council look with suspicion at the meeting between the defense ministers of the Turkish and Syrian governments under Russian auspices.
We condemn in the strongest terms the continued shedding of Syrian blood for the elections of the Justice and Development Government and as supporting for the authoritarian power in Damascus.
Our loyalty to the blood of the Syrian martyrs, the sufferings of the detainees and the displaced, and our commitment to the moral and historical responsibility towards the aspirations and dreams of the Syrian people.
Rejecting the attempts of authoritarian regimes to end freedom that has created by the cheers of the people since 2011 and because of the relentless pursuit of authoritarian powers to kill the dream before it comes true, we address to our Free Syrian people as an appeal dictated by duty and right, an appeal to reject dependence and stop having our blood, bodies and dreams as bargaining chips and negotiations by persons who care only about their interests and the permanence of their authorities and control.
The delicate and critical stage that the free Syrians project is going through in achieving freedom, dignity and democracy requires us as Syrians to stand together and cooperate, overcoming all the false differences that the enemies of the Syrian people want to enhance and deepen their identity.
Dear free Syrians, when the future of our country and the dream of our freedom are at stake, all differences become a treasonous, and the dependence on others and subjection becomes as Spying.
We are as members of the Syrian Democratic Council declare as following: Our hands are outstretched, our minds are open and our lands welcome every free Syrian who believes that the future of Syria and the freedom of its people have the highest priority over everything else, and that there is no interest or right above the interest and right of the Syrian people, and we call for confronting and overthrowing this alliance, and to unite the powers of the revolution and the opposition in the face of tyranny and sellers of Syrian blood for their interests.

Glory to the Syrians, freedom for the detainees and mercy for the martyrs of freedom
On December 30th, 2022
The Syrian Democratic Council

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