The Syrian Democratic Council

At the invitation of the SDC, a spectrum of displaced Syrians meets in Al-Shahbaa

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council invited Syrians in the Al-Shahbaa areas to a dialogue symposium on Wednesday, in which that symposium discussed “the convergence of the interests of Ankara and Damascus” in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of the Turkish attack on the Afrin region in northwestern Syria.

The symposium was held in the town of Tal suin, one of the towns of Al-Shahbaa district, north of Aleppo, and that seminar was attended by a wide range of human rights and political figures, dignitaries and tribal elders, as well as representatives of civil society, political parties and feminist events.

The symposium included two main themes, the first one entitled “The national regimes and systematic demographic change for Afrin”, where the theme was read by the Co-administrator of the Syrian Democratic Council of Afrin Al-Shahbaa center, “Muhammed Hasan”.

The first theme of the symposium dealt with the plans aimed at peoples and societies and the undermining of the state of diversity and pluralism in order to implement the expansionist goals sought by regional countries and their ruling regimes in the region.

The theme also discussed the processes of demographic change in the Afrin region, as well as violations committed by Turkey and its loyal factions against the indigenous people, according to a speech of a member of the Relations Bureau of the SDC, Muhammed Hasan, who chaired the session.

The jurist and political activist Gabriel Mustafa, a one of people of the Afrin region, said that Turkey by its direct intervention and occupation of large parts of the north of Syria, has deepened the Syrian crisis in order to implement its agendas that do not meet the interests of the Syrian people.

“Turkey seeks to achieve the Milli Charter, which stipulates on its terms that Turkey’s borders from the Mediterranean Sea to the West and to Mosul and Kirkuk to the East, and thus it poses a threat to the security and stability of the region,” he added.

Muhammad Hasan, the Co-administrator of Relations Bureau of the SDC in Al-Shahbaa, pointed out that the timing and intentions of Damascus and Ankara on the rapprochement process confirm that both sides don’t seek a sustainable political resolution, therefore normalization between Damascus and Ankara cannot lead to a resolution on the Syrian file, on the contrary, it may make Turkey the dominant one on Syrian territory and prove its occupation.

The member of the Relations Bureau of the SDC called for the need “to unite the ranks of all political formations at this decisive stage that the region is going through”.

Meanwhile, the jurist and political activist Gabriel Mustafa appealed to all Syrians to work together and form a national democratic front that believes in political pluralism and decides the shape of the future Syria in accordance with the provisions of UN Resolution 2254. “The resolution for the Syrian issue after all these years can only be found through the intra-Syrian dialogue.” Mustafa said.

The second theme was entitled “violations committed against women in Afrin by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries”.
That session was chaired by Berivan Ali, the Co-administrator of the Syrian Democratic Council Center in Al-Shahba, where she spoke about the Turkish violations committed against women in the Afrin region.

Ali pointed out the importance of women’s participation in the political process.
“Obstruction the role of women, marginalizing them and taking away their will to participate in resolving the crisis is one of the most important challenges facing all powers seeking to resolve the crisis in a comprehensive and constructive national framework to end the crisis” she said.

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