The Syrian Democratic Council

A Press Release on the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

We are passing the twelfth anniversary of the Syrian revolution, which started in the city of Daraa in the south of the country, a revolution that began with a peaceful demonstration that spread across the country against the central tyrannical regime, where the Syrians surprised the world by their revolution, so the will to live emerged as a slogan by the demonstrators, so the Syrians demanded freedom and dignity against the oppression. The revolution of the Syrians was an expression of the essence of the human being and the longing to achieve the glory of Syria and its rich and diverse identity.

Although the Syrian revolution stumbled during its harsh struggle to achieve its goals due to subjective and objective factors that diverted its course and made it for serving interests and agendas that have nothing to do with the aspirations and dreams of the Syrians, but the revolution has achieved historical achievements represented in changing the idea that the thought and politics which were believed that they will not be developed firstly, and possessing self-confidence and the ability to act secondly. They are gains that we must not allow to lose.

We, as the Syrian Democratic Council, salute the courage and sacrifice of the Syrian including women and men, and their steadfastness in the face of tyranny and occupation, and as we believe that the people’s sense isn’t wrong, and that the historical leadership is represented by its commitment with the people and their interests, we affirm our full bias towards the Syrian people with all its groups and components in their demands and endeavor for freedom and dignity.

On this occasion when pain is mixed with pride, we call on all patriots and loyalists to unite and work together to reach to the level of the sacrifices of our people, and to get inspiration from the solidarity and national unity that were manifested in the will of the Syrians to overcome the factors of division and dissonance during the earthquake disaster, as this will that was eliminated by the agendas of political employment, which it clearly showed the separation of tyranny and the projects of the Turkish occupation from the reality, tragedies and pains of the Syrian people, as the difficult stage that the Syrians are going through and the fears of wasting their sacrifices necessitate us to work together to enhance the authentic political expression of the Syrian people’s revolution and their aspirations, and to overcome the fabricated political differences that result from regional and international interests that do not concern or represent the Syrians.

We, as the Syrian Democratic Council, call on the international community to stand by the Syrians to achieve their rightful demands for democratic change and to achieve peace, safety and dignity. Based on our understanding of the Syrian revolution and its paths and our belief in our political project, which constitutes a basic expression of the Syrian revolution, we call on all active national democratic powers to engage a Syrian dialogue that aims to establish a new future vision for Syria as an identity and as a state, to overcome the mistakes of the past and to present the Syrians as political actors united in the goal and purpose at the national level, and as influential at the regional and international levels and in solidarity to build Syria as a decentralized democratic state that achieves dignity, freedom and well-being for all its people.

In conclusion, we promise our martyrs and detainees that their sacrifices will not be wasted and that what they sought will remain a guide and a beacon for us.

Glory for our martyrs

On March 15th, 2023
The Syrian Democratic Council

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