The Syrian Democratic Council

Syrians in Raqqa Confirm the Continuation of the Revolution’s Approach

A number of different segments of Syrians commemorated the twelfth anniversary of the launch of the Syrian Revolution, stressing the continuation of its approach until achieving its goals of freedom, dignity and the achievement of democracy.

This was during a symposium held by the Syrian Democratic Council, today, on Thursday, at its meeting room in Raqqa, with the presence and participation of sheikhs, tribal dignitaries, political parties, important figures, intellectuals and independent activists, in addition to Syrian women of the Green Idlib Council.

Thabet Al-Jawhar, a member of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, started the symposium by giving a briefing on the reasons for the revolution, its necessity, and what the Syrian society has achieved after twelve years of the revolution, stressing that the SDC is the national fortress that unites all Syrians.

Al-Jawhar considered that women are the pillars of the revolution and youth are the energy working in it, and that the free patriots are called upon to build Syria, especially since the projects of the Turkish occupation led to the delay in achieving the goals of the Syrian Revolution.

In the same context, human rights activist Shawakh Al-Ali stated that the future of any country is owned by its youth, from the school curricula to guarding the borders, as they are the basis of revolutions. Al-Ali denounced the migration and addiction that young people are exposed to today throughout Syria.

On the other hand, Ali Al-Shuaib, a civil activist, touched through his participation on the dependence of some Syrian parties on the regional powers, the difference in their dependencies, and their abandonment of the goals of the revolution, and this is what prompted them to reject dialogue and reaching a resolution because it would be the end of their interests and gains, so he named them as “Difference” not “Coalition” as he described.

Muhammad Ali Darwish, a member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party, said that “The Syrian Revolution was emotional and popular and lacked a political project, but today the stage is different and decisive. The revolution is built for the benefit of societies, and this requires plans and programs that only Syrians work on”.

Meanwhile, Manal Al-Ahmad, the Chairwoman of the Women’s Committee of the Green Idlib Council, stated that they are continuing to struggle towards achieving freedom and democracy, liberating all regions from tyranny and terrorism, and for finding a comprehensive resolution that meets the people’s demands.

Sheikh Ramadan Al-Rahal, the sheikh of the Al-Ali clan, explained that the most important factor for the success of the revolution launched by the people of Daraa against tyranny, authoritarianism, and oppression of the people is the success of the democratic project in northeastern Syria, hoping to generalize it throughout the Syrian territories.

Mustafa Othman, one of the city’s intellectuals, said that the regions of northeastern Syria are the best and have become an example of the Syrian Revolution that brings everyone together. Today, our duty is to take full responsibility, fix reality and speed up resolutions, and despite the obstacles, the revolution is continuous.

Jumana Al-Khalaf, a member of the Bureau, concluded the symposium with words praising the children of Daraa and the martyrs of the revolution, and thanking the attendees.

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