The Syrian Democratic Council

150 Syrian Figures are in Al-Shahbaa to Discuss Prospects of a Political Resolution and the Issue of Afrin

More than 150 Syrian figures from various backgrounds in Al-Shahbaa region, north of Aleppo, met to discuss the prospects of a political resolution in the country and the issue of Afrin, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the occupation of the Syrian Afrin region.

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council had issued an invitation to political, social, civil and tribal events, along with a remarkable presence of Syrian women to meet on Thursday, on March 16th, in the town of Tal Sousin, one of the areas in Al-Shahba region, north of Aleppo, as well as other participations by Zoom application.

The Co-Chairwoman of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, spoke through Zoom, in which she talked about the earthquake and its catastrophic consequences on the region, the inability of the authority in Damascus, with all its institutions, to manage the crisis and not deliver aid to all affected areas.

She called on all Syrians and democratic powers to work towards developing a future vision for Syria, indicating that the Council has been working for years to unify Syrians, bring perspectives closer, and work on the intra-Syrian dialogue, and to restore the national political resolution according to the United Nations Resolutions, led by the Resolution 2254.

The head of the secular league in Syria, Elias Haliani, believed that the horror of the earthquake catastrophe and the thousands of victims did not prevent Damascus and Ankara from exploiting political interests in attempts to get the best gains after emerging new paths at the internal level of both states and at the regional level. The political investment regarding the disaster and politicization of humanitarian aid have emerged recently.

“We are with humanitarian aid, but we are not with political openness to the authority in Damascus which is outside the framework of the comprehensive resolution,” Regarding the Arab solidarity scene, he said. He emphasized the importance of working to achieve a Syrian political resolution between the state and effective opposition powers.

The Deputy of Joint Presidency of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hassan Kujer, spoke by Zoom about the violations and practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and other occupied Syrian areas, and the collusion of the authority in Damascus with the policies of the Turkish occupation and some regional and international powers against the Syrian people. Kujer condemned the international silence on the crimes of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and the siege imposed by the authority in Damascus on neighborhoods in Aleppo and Al-Shahba region.

For his part, a member of the Democratic Union Party, Sulaiman Jaafar, considered the issue of liberating Afrin as the key to resolve the Syrian crisis, by paving the way for ending the occupation in all Syrian areas, eliminating terrorism completely, dismantling all organizations and factions that committed war crimes against the Syrian people, and presenting them for a fair trial.

The meeting was ended with a set of recommendations, where the participants affirmed the importance of dialogue regarding the Syrian parties to unify visions and reach decisive resolutions for the Syrian crisis where those resolutions achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people for change and democratic transition.

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