The Syrian Democratic Council

A Statement on the Occasion of Nowruz

Nowruz symbolizes freedom, renewal, and peace.

The Syrian Democratic Council congratulates the Kurdish people in Syria and all Syrians on the occasion of Nowruz, the Kurdish New Year, which falls on March 21st of each year. We hope that the meanings of Norouz will be embodied in our country Syria and bring freedom, peace, and liberation from oppression and tyranny.

Let us make this year’s Norouz an opportunity for reconciliation and to put aside our differences for a genuine reform among Syrian parties. Let us work towards the liberation of the Syrian people, in all its components, from oppression and humiliation to unify our positions and powers to face the challenges and upcoming entitlements. Let us build a new Syria on the basis of civilization that rises to the sacrifices of the Syrian people during decades of injustice and tyranny.

The authority in Damascus has been struggling for decades and still it is striving to eliminate the sub-identities that support the Syrian national identity and turned it into a racist identity that does not recognize diversity and the rights of peoples to live, while diversity and pluralism are considered a cultural wealth and a civilized addition to the inclusive national identity of the country.

We, as the Syrian Democratic Council, believe in Nowruz and the rest of the national holidays of the peoples and components of Syria, which are considered as the unique and rich feature of our country. On our policies and project for the future of Syria, we work to enrich and develop these cultures and diversity, and to secure their rights in the constitution that all Syrians participate in its formulation.

Happy Nowruz for everyone

On March 19th, 2023
The Syrian Democratic Council

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