The Syrian Democratic Council

At an Official Invitation by the White House, a Representative of the SDC Attends the Nowruz Celebration in Washington, DC

The White House in the United States of America extended an official invitation to the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington, Sinem Muhammad, to attend the Nowruz celebration held by the Presidential Compound of President Joe Biden at his residence at the White House in Washington, DC.

On the sidelines of the celebration, the SDC representative held a brief meeting with US President Joe Biden, thanking him for extending the invitation and holding an official Newroz celebration. The Council Representative expressed to President Biden the Syrians’ gratitude for the USA because of their standing by Syrians and for the important role of the USA in the region. She pointed out the importance of the successful partnership that brings them together in combating terrorism and supporting stability in the regions of northeastern Syria.

The celebration was attended, in addition to the representative of the “SDC”, the community of people celebrating Nowruz in the Middle East, including the Iranian people, as well as White House officials, advisors to the president, politicians and media professionals.

During the celebration, President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, addressed a speech to the people celebrating Nowruz, and expressed their solidarity with the oppressed peoples and America’s values in advocating for peoples and freedom.

Nowruz falls on the twenty-first of March every year and is celebrated by the Kurdish people as the New Kurdish year, as is celebrated by the Persian people, and it is mentioned that it is the first time that the presidency of the United States of America celebrates Nowruz in this way and in the White House.

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