The Syrian Democratic Council

Akitu Day Congratulation

On the occasion of Akitu Day, the Assyrian Babylonian New Year, the SDC congratulates the Assyrian Syrian people in Syria and the world, hoping that this glorious occasion will be the beginning of Syrians overcoming their plight and the wishes to all wellbeing and peace.

Akitu Day is one of the oldest holidays in human history, reflecting the depth of the region’s civilization and human diversity, and its preservation is part of the world’s cultural heritage, which is rich and affluent for Syria and the region.

And based on the meaning of Akitu Day and the rest of the national and religious holidays that call for coexistence and respect for diversity, we call on all Syrian parties to overcome the fragmentation and unite their positions and work towards building a new Syria that is capable of sovereignty and service to all its citizens.

We renew our congratulations to all on the occasion of the Akitu Day, in the hope that the upcoming holidays will be in an atmosphere of stability, peace and prosperity.

Happy Akitu Day

On March 31st, 2023
The Syrian Democratic Council

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