The Syrian Democratic Council

The SDC Discusses Opening the Channels of National Dialogue with the Representatives of Central Region, Raqqa and Idlib

Through two dialogue sessions under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council and at the invitation of the Relations Bureau; During which, the opening of channels of national dialogue with representatives of both the central region (Homs and Hama) and Raqqa was discussed separately.

The discussion in the first session was with the sheikhs and clans’ notables of the central region to establish a national dialogue with several societal segments, and as a basic principle, such as the societal, cultural and political figures in addition to the sheikhs and notables.

It was started by a member of the Executive Body and the Co-Chair of the Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Hassan Muhammad Ali, by addressing the latest political and regional developments in the region and presenting a series of dialogues that take the national base as a starting point.

Muhammad Ali continued, that the Syrian people in general need these dialogues to unite and overcome the stage of conflict that has reached twelve years as a result of the practices of the authority in Damascus.

For his part, Sheikh Hussein al-Najeeb, Sheikh of Bani Khalid tribe, affirmed the importance of this national dialogue that meets the desire of all people of the Syrian homeland and not only the tribe, indicating his support for it.

Whereas, the sheikhs and notables of the central region agreed that the national dialogue is an agreed-upon start and a necessary need for the Syrian people who are still suffering from calamities, both inside and in places of displacement and abroad as well.

As for the other session, it was with sheikhs and notables of Raqqa tribes and its countryside and community symbols in the city, where during the session, Relations Bureau official Muhammad Ali touched on the importance of Raqqa’s role and tribal structure in contributing to the national dialogue sponsored by the SDC and attracting through it all different parties.

In light of this presentation, Sheikh Thamer Al-Suwaan, Sheikh of Al-Sabkha tribe, pointed out to focus on reforming the internal Syrian home, which requires great efforts and a hard way, but it is not difficult, especially in the current circumstances.

During the session, many details were discussed that serve the national dialogue and facilitate its occurrence, and they unanimously supported this dialogue at its conclusion, which calls for unity of Syrian territories, facing challenges based on the Syrian resolution.

In the same context, these sessions coincided with live meetings and others via the Internet with representatives of several bodies and political movements in Idlib, coastal area of Syria and As-Suwayda. it is expected that dialogues will include all Syrian governorates and other regions.

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