The Syrian Democratic Council

Syrian Women Show Solidarity with Suwayda Movement in al-Hasakah

In response to an invitation by the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, a group of Syrian women in the city of al-Hasakah organized a solidarity event with the uprising in Suwayda. Representatives from various political parties and the Star Congress participated in the event, holding banners and slogans expressing their solidarity with the free women of Suwayda. They conveyed a message titled “A Message to the Free Women of Suwayda,” expressing their support for all Syrian women and the women of Suwayda in particular, who are currently participating in peaceful movement alongside the people of Suwayda.

“Today, after all these years of resistance, your clear and free call reaches all Syrian women who have bravely fought for a free and dignified life. Syria today has completed its mosaic, representing all its peoples, gathering the call of truth, and creating a new future for a decentralized, democratic Syria”, the message stated.

Rasha al-Nazzal, the administrator of the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, expressed that event was a declaration of their support and solidarity with Suwayda and its free women. It aimed to empower the role of women in society and politics. “We saw that empowering on the Suwayda uprising”, she added.

Haifa Simou, a member of the Syria Future Party, emphasized that the solidarity event is based on the belief that women in the northeastern regions of Syria are related to all Syrian women, especially those in Suwayda. Simou noted that they are the outcomes of the women’s liberation revolution, so we support peaceful women’s movement, calling for unity in finding a resolution for the Syrian issue.

Asmaa al-Malla, the director of the Youth Bureau of the Democratic Development and Change Party, stressed the importance of women’s involvement in any peaceful movement. She pointed out that women’s participation in Suwayda, alongside men, proved the effectiveness of women’s role in presenting political visions and expressing their legitimate demands differently from before.

At the conclusion of the event, the participants chanted slogans expressing their solidarity with the Suwayda movement and the participating women, such as “Solidarity with your free call, and solidarity with the Suwayda uprising”.

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