The Syrian Democratic Council

Relations Bureau of SDC Concludes Its Meetings with Societal Elites

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) concluded its preliminary meetings with various societal segments, elites, and community activists in cooperation with the National Action Group, aiming at reaching the National Forum.

Those successive meetings brought together several sheikhs and tribal notables in Raqqa city, as well as a group of youth, along with feminist activists, and the most recent one included civil society organizations within the SDC meeting hall in Raqqa.

During these meetings, the National Action Group presented the tasks assigned to each segment and a set of national constants upon which the group based its inception, where the Relations Bureau participated in the discussion.

Jehan Khedro, a member of the Relations Bureau of the SDC emphasized the importance of the participation of all societal segments, stressing the unity of purpose, destiny, and the inclusive national identity, as well as seeking to bring together national political powers and visions, regardless of their paths.

The introductory meeting, which included young participants who are involved in societal activities in Raqqa, where a member of Executive Body of the SDC, Abdulqader al-Muwahad, spoke about the role of youth in shaping policies and finding creative solutions to attract others.

Another meeting included sheikhs and tribal notables from the Raqqa region and its countryside, who were prominent figures and community symbols in the city and the region. They praised the importance of that project and expressed their readiness for genuine participation and support.

The penultimate meeting was attended by a group of women and feminist activists, ranging from individual initiatives to community-based ones, and the latest of these meetings was with officials and administrators of local civil society organizations in Raqqa.

All the aforementioned segments and societal activists expressed their agreement and endorsement of the national constants proposed, described as principles that all Syrians, regardless of their affiliations and beliefs, can adopt in order to preserve the unity of the country and the Syrian fabric.

It is worth noting that the first phase of preliminary meetings was concluded after seven meetings with various elites, except for individual preparations, awaiting the next phase leading to the National Raqqa Forum.

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