The Syrian Democratic Council

The SDC Meets Members of German Parliament in Berlin

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) delegation met with number of political figures of the German Parliament in the capital, Berlin, with the aim of strengthening diplomatic relations and discussing the Syrian issue and the political resolution process.

The SDC delegation included the Head of the Relations Bureau and Executive Council member, Hassan Muhammad Ali, and the representative of the SDC in Germany and the Netherlands, Dr. Rezgar Qasim. They met with members of the Green Party (Gruen), the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and the Left Party in the German Parliament.

The meeting was held with the spokesperson for the foreign policy of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Yorkin Hardt, and Dr. Carsten Wieland, an expert on North Africa and the Middle East affairs.

As for the other meeting, it was with members of the German Left Party, Ms. Sevim Dagdelen, and members of the Green Party, and parliament member Max Lucks.

The meetings covered a range of issues related to Syria, political resolution processes, and the situations in different Syrian regions.

 The SDC delegation emphasized Germany’s role in pushing matters for a political resolution, leveraging its European influence to support the dialogue among Syrians and their democratic powers to resolve the crisis in the country and build a new Syria.

At the end of the meetings, there was an emphasis on the importance of enhancing communication and continuous relations between the SDC representatives and the participating parliamentary blocks, both through the SDC representatives in Germany and the Netherlands, and the need for democrats to work together to achieve a democratic transition in Syria.

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