The Syrian Democratic Council

The SDC Discusses the Necessities of National Dialogue in a Symposium in Qamishli

The Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) organized a symposium in the city of Qamishli, in participation of prominent politicians, civil society activists, youth, and women, to discuss the necessities of national dialogue and the prospects for a political resolution.

In addition to discussing the Syrian crisis, its challenges, the prospects for a Syrian resolution, the importance of national dialogue and ensuring the rights of all, the symposium also addressed recent events in Deir ez-Zor and the ongoing developments in Syria.

Amina Omar, the Co-Chairwoman of the SDC, spoke at the beginning of the symposium about the global conflicts and power struggles among international powers, describing them as dangerous phenomena affecting various countries, especially Syria.

“The Syrian crisis has reached a catastrophic turning point with no signs of a resolution or genuine efforts to find real resolutions for the struggling Syrian people”, Omar stated.

“The events in Deir ez-Zor were planned and coordinated, involving several local and regional actors with the aim of destabilizing the region’s security and stability”, Regarding the recent events in Deir ez-Zor, the Co-Chair of the SDC said.

Amina Omar also discussed the SDC’s project aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis, stating that the SDC’s project is to resolve the Syrian crisis realistically through intra-Syrian dialogue, bringing together all the powers and figures on the Syrian scene to reach a resolution that serves Syria and its people.

Concerning the popular movement in Suwayda, Dr. Hussein Azzam, an official of the Relations Bureau, said that the demands made by the people of Suwayda are the same as the aspirations of the Syrian people to end tyranny and implement UN Resolution 2254.

During the symposium’s discussions and sessions, participants emphasized the importance of Syrians coming together through national dialogue and reaching an agreement on an inclusive national identity that has been missed for decades due to a centralized authoritarian mindset. They called for the participation of all Syrians in the dialogues conducted by the SDC to end the Syrian tragedy and move towards a new Syria that embraces all its components.

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