The Syrian Democratic Council

Syrian Politicians Send a Message of Support and Solidarity

Syrian politicians have sent a message of support and solidarity to their fellow Syrians in northeastern Syria against recent Turkish attacks on Syrian territory. These attacks have targeted infrastructure and caused a harm to approximately four million Syrians in the region.


Yesterday, representatives from various Syrian regions visited Raqqa. Ali Omari, the Secretary-General of the Kurdish National Movement from Damascus, and Ahmad al-Araj, the Secretary-General of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance from Aleppo, along with political activists from civil society, including Muhammad Mahfouz from Homs, Faisal Milham from Tartus, and Muhammad Saeed from Latakia, were among the visitors.


The main focus of this visit was to show the unity of Syrians across different regions and their opposition to any external forces attempting to occupy Syrian land. They also emphasized the need to intensify the national dialogue among different movements and deepen national principles to move forward with a unified Syrian vision.


The visit was begun by a delegation from the interior regions of Syria at the center of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), where they were received by Leila Qerman and members of the Council’s Relations Bureau, as well as the administrator of the SDC Center in Raqqa.


Discussions focused on the ongoing Syrian crisis, extending over thirteen years, the Syrian people’s need for participation, the impossibility of returning to the situation of the country before 2011, and the necessity for all Syrians to work together in building a new Syria.


The delegation from interior regions of Syria also had other joint visits with the SDC. They visited the Autonomous Administration (AANES) building of North and East Syria, where they were received by the Co-Presidency of the Executive Council of the AANES, Berivan Khalid and Hussein Osman.

In the second visit, they met with the Raqqa Civil Council, where they were received by the Co- Presidency of the Council, Hevin Ismail, and Sheikh Muhammad Noor al-Daib, along with their deputy, Abdul Salam Hamsourk. Discussions included the establishment of the council, its committees, and bodies, as well as the involvement of local communities in managing their own affairs.



It is worth noting that this two-day visit will cover multiple locations in northern Syria.

In conclusion, the delegation expressed gratitude for the efforts of the SDC which are coordinating and aiming to promote unity among Syrians, and it called for the opening of more communication channels across various platforms.

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