The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement for Public Opinion on the Situation in Gaza

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) welcomes the ceasefire decision and cessation of hostilities between the Israeli government and Hamas. The exchange of Palestinian prisoners with hostages held by Hamas is also appreciated. The Council calls on both parties to continue releasing hostages and prisoners, extending the ceasefire to achieve a permanent cessation of hostilities, preventing future humanitarian disasters and tragedies.

The Council urges all relevant international parties, especially the United States, the Republic of Egypt, and the State of Qatar, to advance diplomatic efforts to stop the war in Gaza, end the crisis, and encourage involved international parties, particularly relevant Arab states, to contribute to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This includes finding a peaceful solution, respecting laws of international legitimacy, and adhering to United Nations resolutions to achieve a sustainable resolution based on the two-state solution and establishing a just peace.

On November 25, 2023
Syrian Democratic Council

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