The Syrian Democratic Council

SDC, Political Parties in Aleppo Discuss Developments, National Action Perspectives

Representatives of political parties and Hassan Muhammad Ali, member of Executive Body and official of Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), gathered at the Council’s headquarters in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo, on Saturday, to discuss political developments and the prospects of national action.

Muhammad Ali began the meeting by discussing the current political scene on both the international and local levels. He highlighted the tensions in the Middle East and the competition for interests and influence, noting that it was evident in the ongoing wars, including the recent conflict in Gaza.

Regarding the Syrian situation and the impact of international and regional changes on Syria, he considered that multiple international interventions significantly affect the Syrian situation, hindering the democratic transition process in the country.

Concerning the options for resolving the Syrian crisis, he clarified that the military option cannot be useful for any Syrian party as well as he reaffirmed the SDC’s insistence on a political resolution and mentioned attempts to engage with influential countries in the crisis to find a political resolution.

Also, he noted tireless efforts of the SDC in unifying Syrian national visions and positions through conferences and meetings with various political components inside Syria and abroad.

He believes that there is still an opportunity to save Syria by adopting objective and realistic policies and strategies away from external interventions, after a correct assessment of the current reality at all levels.

During the meeting, discussions focused on the importance of dialogue and awareness in creating a common strategic vision that unites Syrian components to come up with joint positions and find perspectives for resolving the ongoing Syrian crisis.

The second part of the meeting focused on the challenges facing Syrian national work and mechanisms for the upcoming phase.
Efforts to confront all threats and challenges were discussed, including enhancing cooperation and coordination among political parties and the SDC during the current stage, and the need to expand
perspectives of the Syrian national action.

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