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Our Priority is Unifying Visions, Efforts of Syrian Women- Women's Coordination of SDC

Our Priority is Unifying Visions, Efforts of Syrian Women- Women’s Coordination of SDC

The Women’s Coordination affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held on Monday its first meeting of 2024 following the new structure approved by the Fourth Conference of the SDC held on December 20, 2023 in Syria’s Raqqa, with the presence of more than 400 figures from various Syrian parties, movements, female activists and their gatherings.

The meeting was chaired by the Co-Chair of the SDC, Layla Qaraman, in the presence of the Vice-Chair and the Co-Chairs of the Council’s Bureaus, with the participation of representatives from Washington, London, Cairo, and Brussels via the Zoom application.

The Co-chair of the SDC spoke about the importance and role of the Women’s Coordination in the current and upcoming stages, which will be the coordinating and organizing Body for women’s work within the Council’s structure. Its aim is to collaborate and coordinate between the Council’s Bureaus to support and enhance the role of women, and to build capacities through policy-making and strategies to ensure the vital role of women in political and public matters.

Qaraman presented an approach to the nature of the challenges and obstacles facing the active political participation of Syrian women, in light of the analysis of the experiences and struggles of Syrian women, which contributed to realizing their pivotal and pioneering roles in the Syrian Revolution to change dominant regimes and establish a better future of the country.

The meeting discussed the priorities of Syrian women and the importance of communication and networking with feminist organizations and supporting them inside Syria and abroad, unifying visions, efforts, and alignment in strategic objectives to ensure the effective participation of women in all stages of the political process, which is considered a fundamental condition for the success of the negotiating process and change.

The meeting also discussed plans and programs that will contribute to overcoming difficulties, continuing the advanced work , maintaining their sustainability, and continuing to build capacities to ensure the expansion of their participation, refine their experiences, and enhance their political and societal roles.

The meeting emphasized the necessity of working in line with the political document and the roadmap for the political solution, and achieving the strategy developed at the Fourth Conference of the SDC.

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