The Syrian Democratic Council
Public Relations Bureau Discusses Political Strategies

Public Relations Bureau Discusses Political Strategies

The Public Relations Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held its first general meeting. The meeting was attended by Layla Qaraman, Co-chairwoman of the SDC, Mahmoud al-Mislet, Co-chairman of the SDC, and the deputies of the Co-chairs. The meeting’s aim was to achieve the outcomes and resolutions of the Fourth Conference of the SDC.

The meeting was held on Saturday, February 11, 2024, in Hasakah city, northeastern Syria. It was chaired by Amal Dada, Co-chairwoman of the Public Relations Bureau, Hassan Muhammad Ali, Co-chairman of the Bureau, along with members of the Bureau inside Syria. Also, it was communicated with members abroad, chairs and the SDC’s representatives in Washington, London, Brussels, Berlin, Cairo, and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq via the Zoom application.

The meeting was begun with a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs of freedom and dignity. After that, it was followed by a report reviewing the political developments and changes occurring worldwide, the conflicts waged by regional and international powers, and their attempts to extend influence and control.

The meeting also addressed the transitional tasks of the Bureau in accordance with the political developments and how to deal with the possibility of the extension of regional conflicts to the countries of the region, especially Syria. Syria has been suffering from a profound and complex crisis for 13 years. That was as a result of the contradiction of interests of the intervening powers in the Syrian situation.

Also, the meeting discussed the developments of the Syrian crisis. It emphasized that the intra-Syrian dialogue is the best path to build national consensus towards a comprehensive solution to the crisis. This solution will end the killing, destruction, suffering of the Syrian people, and the negative regional and international repercussions caused by the crisis.

In response, the Co-chairwoman of the SDC, stated that the challenges facing the region are significant, making the Syrian issue does not enjoy the priority compared with issues requiring urgent and fair solutions. She added that priority must be given to the Syrian issue, and that the SDC has a crucial role to play in unifying the positions and efforts of the Syrian parties and powers. This is evident through its strategic path represented by the Syrian dialogue and strengthening the national internal front.

During the meeting, the Bureau presented political papers it had prepared regarding the SDC’s dealing with actors on fundamental issues.

Papers were presented addressing the activities of the Bureau, evaluating its organizational situation and structure, its vision, and tasks. Additionally, there was one paper on the Bureau’s strategy as a result of the outcomes of the Fourth Conference of the SDC.

The strategy of the Bureau is based on the political vision of the SDC, and seeks to implement it within plans and programs applied in the short, medium, and long terms.

The Bureau works on explaining the true reality of the SDC as a political umbrella for all Syrians to the local, national, and international public opinion. It works on making the SDC a focal point for attracting the powers of the national democratic opposition.

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