The Syrian Democratic Council

SDC congratulates Yazidi House and confirms its interest in Syrian components

The Co-chairs of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) hold meetings with Syrian political, social, and religious components as part of implementing the outcomes of the Fourth Conference and the new structure of the SDC.

In the same context, the Co-chairs of the SDC congratulated on Friday, February 23, the Yazidi House on the occasion of the House’s sixth anniversary of its conference, affirming the SDC’s interest in various Syrian components.

The delegation of the SDC was chaired by Layla Qaraman, Co-chairwoman of the SDC, Mahmoud al-Mislat, Co-chairman of the SDC and Hussein Azzam, member of the Relations Office.

They were received at the headquarters of the Yazidi House in Amuda town by the newly elected Co-chairwoman of the Yazidi House, Nalin Rasho and Ismail Delef, Co-chairman of the Yazidi House as well as Ziyad Restum, member of the SDC’s General Council and the Administrative Council members of the Yazidi House.

The Co-chairs of the SDC offered congratulations and best wishes to the Yazidi House on the holding of its sixth conference, as well as to the new Co-chairs of the Yazidi House for assuming their new duties and responsibilities.

The Co-chairs of the SDC talked about the diversity of the Syrian society, emphasizing that the Syrian inclusive identity represents the diversity of Syrian components which the SDC cherishes and works to strengthen.

The Yazidi community in Syria has a vital role in promoting pluralism as well as community and political work in the region, as it is an integral component of the Syrian society.

During the visit, they highlighted the Syrian situation, political and military changes in Syria, the SDC’s vision for all those changes, and the importance of the SDC’s role and continuous efforts to communicate with all democratic powers, and Syrian components.

The Co-chairs of the Yazidi House expressed their gratitude for the visit of the SDC’s Co-chairs and the SDC’s interest in the community components. They stated that the Yazidi House, in turn, attaches great importance to the role of the SDC in the upcoming phase and its path to resolving the Syrian crisis, and they support the SDC in building a decentralized democratic pluralistic Syria.

This visit comes within a series of scheduled visits that will continue in the coming period to meet all Syrian components and figures that embody the values of tolerance and coexistence.

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