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SDC's Co-chairs receive delegation from Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party

SDC’s Co-chairs receive delegation from Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party

Delegations from various political parties and community groups congratulated the Co-chairs of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) on the occasion of the SDC’s Fourth Conference and its new structure.

Layla Qaraman, Co-chairwoman of the SDC, and Mahmoud al-Mislat, Co-chairman of the SDC, received on Saturday a delegation from the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, at the SDC’s headquarters in Hasakah city. The delegation congratulated the SDC on holding its Fourth Conference and its new structure.

The delegation included Midya Okko and Kaylan Oskan, members of the party’s Political Office, Suleiman Khalaf and Abdulrazzaq Muhammad, members of the party’s Central Committee.

The Co-chairs of the SDC received congratulations by the visiting delegation on the holding of the SDC’s Fourth Conference and its outcomes including the roadmap that would resolve the Syrian crisis, along with the participation of figures and political and social blocs in the SDC.

The meeting discussed the importance of the SDC’s efforts to unify the Syrians’ stances through dialogue, communication, and openness to all Syrian powers and democratic figures. Additionally, it focused on the importance of meetings and dialogues among all Syrian parties to build comprehensive consensuses paving the way to end the Syrian crisis and the tragedy of Syrian people.

Both sides addressed the current challenges facing Syria, including the negative role of regional states which play and the ongoing targeting of the region. Also, they discussed the economic situation, especially in the Region of northeastern Syria.

During the meeting, there was an emphasis on continuing work according to national agendas, joint programs, plans, and strategies that enhance the unity of Syria, land and people.

At the end of the meeting, Co-chairs reaffirmed the SDC’s continuous readiness for dialogue and openness to all Syrian components, political parties, and civil society institutions inside and outside Syria, and to those who prioritize resolving the Syrian crisis. They also stated that within the SDC’s plans in the upcoming phase is openness to Arab countries, foremost among them the institutions of the Arab League, to address the Syrian issue and resolve its crisis.

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