The Syrian Democratic Council

Relation Office holds its first meeting with Party Association in Raqqa

The Co-chairs of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) appointed new members for the SDC’s Relations Office in Raqqa. During their first meeting, the new members discussed long-term and medium-term strategies, as well as the monthly action plan.

Hassan Muhammad Ali, Co-chairman of the SDC’s Relations Office, stated that the SDC aims to enhance collaboration with national political parties and blocs according to the annual strategic plan for the office.

The new members held the first meeting with Association of political parties in Raqqa as an initial step.

The meeting discussed the latest political developments, outcomes of the SDC’s Fourth Conference, and the participation of political parties in expressing the SDC’s political stances and engaging with the public.

Political parties praised the SDC’s crucial role and its efforts toward a political solution for the Syrian crisis, especially in light of regional interventions and the failure of other parties. They emphasized the importance of the intra-Syrian dialogue in building national consensuses, making the Syrian issue to take priority and classifying it as an issue that needs urgent and fair solutions.

The meeting was concluded by emphasizing the partnerships with political parties, addressing public issues, enhancing work, making proposals, and fostering communication among parties in the upcoming phases.

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