The Syrian Democratic Council

Public Relations Office: Continuing communication and coordination with societal and political forces and holding constructive dialogues

In light of the rapid political events and their intensification at the regional and local levels, the Public Relations Office of the Syria Democratic Council held on May 16 regular meeting in the town of Ein Issa / al-Raqqa, to discuss ways of formulating visions and positions to suit the general political orientation of the Syria Democratic Council and its national project for all Syria
The meeting was held in the presence of the majority of the members of the office in addition to the presence of the joint head of the Office of Public Relations ,Jihad Omar. A number of issues and topics were on the agenda of the meeting
The joint head of the Office of Public Relations, Jihad Omar, opened the meeting by talking about the overall events in the Middle East region and the regional tensions which witnessed a serious development. The official of the Public Relations Office also discussed recent developments in north of Syria and the military escalation in Idlib governorate
As for the responses that followed the holding of a meeting of the Syrian clans / Syrian Clan Forum in Ein Isa – May 3, whether local or international responses, the members of the Public Relations Office saw that the dense and remarkable attendance and response of the Syrian clans and sheikhs from various governorates to call of Syria Democratic Council, was a good answer which aborted at the same time, a number of parties and their plans to strike the societal harmony in northern and eastern Syria
In the same context, the members of the Public Relations Office stressed the need to intensify efforts to coordinate and communicate with national political and societal forces in order to hold wider dialogue meetings and to work on establishing joint workshops both at home and abroad in preparation for holding a comprehensive Syrian national conference to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people in all its components for a decentralized democratic
On the organizational side, the members of the Office discussed a new structure commensurate with the nature of the work, as well as the preparation of a regulatory mechanism to work during the next stage. The meeting also discussed the admission of new members to the Office and suggestions that will help to develop work within the Office
The meeting concluded its work by stressing the continuation of efforts to end Syrian crisis according to course of political solution, guided by the relevant international resolutions that guarantee the end of tyranny and transition to a decentralized democratic system

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
May 16, 2019


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