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Revealing a dangerous procedure to settle the displaced people in Afrin and changing the nature of the population

In order to complete its plans and violations of the international human rights charter, the local council of Turkish state in Afrin informed bodies and offices of displaced persons that their offices should be closed after the adoption of a new mechanism for the definition of population by Turkish state
The offices of displaced persons have conducted statistical and documentary work for the displaced persons from the rest of the Syrian areas and the settlers in the area of Afrin currently. Each district had a special office that issued identification papers for the displaced persons who lost their identity cards. These special offices were recognized in the areas of the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch in order to manage displaced persons affairs
But the decision by Turkish state to stop the work of the offices of the displaced persons has aroused the ire of bodies of the displaced persons and they issued a statement denouncing this action, considering it as an obliteration for their identity and an end of their hopes to return to their original areas
The statement issued by the representatives of the offices and bodies of displaced persons in the area of Afrin said: that the decision of preventing aims to “obliterate the Syrian identity and joining displaced persons in the areas where they reside,” and ” resettlement of the displaced persons, entrenching the process of separating them from their areas and their right to return”
The statement called upon LDP “to work by all available means to stop this decision, to continue demonstration rejecting it and the immediate return of the offices of LDO to serve the people in their region.”
In a related context, the official of the office of LDP in governorate of Homs in Afrin, Ahmed Abbara , said to one of the news agencies: that the local councils of areas occupied by Turkish state and which are funded by Turkish government, are committing residents to obtain ID cards instead of Syrian identity. The clients of the local councils and institutions are requested to present their identification cards which are issued by local councils
Abbara added that the ID card issued by the Turkish occupier ignores the original civil register of the cardholder and the Turkish state issued identification cards to the inhabitants of the occupied territories without discrimination between the people of the region and LDP
On the other hand, the Turkish state and its extremist groups continue to commit all abhorrent acts against the indigenous people of Afrin region, including murder, theft, kidnapping, imposition of royalties, burning of grass, cutting of trees and other daily violations. All these actions are done while the International Community is silent although more than a human rights organization condemned the crimes of Turkish state in Afrin region

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May18, 2019

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