The Syrian Democratic Council

The Organization Office pays a visit personalities and educated elites in Qamishlo city

On May 19, the Organization Office in the Syria Democratic Council paid a visit the jurist lawyer Fadel Mousa
They talked about the current challenges facing the region as a whole and northeast of Syria in particular. They also talked about the constitutional committee and the articles of the future Syrian constitution
The delegation of Organization Office included Jawaher Othman, Zahia Al-Rashi and Ammar Mousa, where they paid a visit the jurist lawyer Fadel Mousa in his office in Qamishlo city /northeast of Syria
They discussed several general topics and they referred to the prolonging reasons of the Syrian crisis and the regional and international interference in the Syrian file
They also discussed the international decisions concerning the Syrian crisis solution and the political solution course in accordance with the international vision and 2254 decision. In particular the constitutional committee to be formed to draft a new constitution for the country
Fadel Mousa pointed out that if any committee emerges , it must represent all factions and Syrian constituents . He added that in order for the Constitutional Committee to succeed in drafting a new constitution, it must work for the participation of all parties and don’t exclude any constituent or the active Syrian parties
The jurists Fadel Mousa also discussed the articles that should be added to the new Syrian Constitution and they should take into consideration the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of the Syrian components . He also praised the experience of Self-Administration and the state of community harmony in the north and east of Syria
On the other hand, members of the Organization Office talked about the Syria Democratic Council efforts to solve the Syrian crisis through the community dialogue and the participation of all Syrian constituents in achieving peace and reaching Syria to a decentralized democratic State
The Organization Office in the Syria Democratic Council works to communicate with educated elites in the society, based on the efforts of the Syria Democratic Council to participate all factions of society in the political process and democratic transition

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
19 May 2019

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