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The European delegation to SDC: We follow the efforts of SDC closely, and we join responsibility with the peoples of northern and eastern Syria

On 24 May, the Syrian Democratic Council received a high-level delegation of European parliamentarians and researchers in the town of Ein Issa / Raqqa, to see the vision of SDC and Self-Administration in north and east of Syria and to discuss the political situation in the region
The European delegation was headed by the deputy of the Democratic Social Bloc, Joseph Fayed Neholser. The delegation consisted of the assistant to deputy head of Democratic Social Bloc in the European Parliament, Rebecca Campbell, and Thomas Sivert, The journalist in ” Weneir” newspaper.They were received by Amina Omar, the joint head of SDC, Hikmat Habib, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Body of SDC and co-chair of the organization office , Leila Kahraman, in addition to representatives of Public Relations Office
The two sides discussed the future of the region after military elimination of the terrorist organization ISIS, and the challenges facing northern and eastern regions of Syria in light of imminent threats and huge number of prisoners of the terrorist organization ISIS. They Called for establishment of a special international court in the region to prosecute them, in addition to providing support and assistance to areas liberated by the Syria Democratic Forces
The two sides also discussed the efforts of the Syrian Democratic
Council to resolve Syrian crisis and its project to establish security, stability and peace for the whole Syria
The European Parliament member Joseph Fayed Nehozler praised the great sacrifices provided by Syria Democratic Forces to eliminate the most dangerous terrorist organization that posed a threat to security of the entire world. Neholzer added that SDF fought on behalf of the whole humanity
Neholzer said that they are interested in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and that the reason for their visit is to see the reality of these areas and their existing project, expressing at the same time their solidarity with the people of north and east of Syria, who managed to defeat terrorism and manage themselves under the current situation
For her part, the joint president of the Syrian Democratic Council ,Amina Omar, talked about the challenges and difficulties facing the northern and eastern regions of Syria in light of current threats such as sleeping cells of the terrorist organization ISIS, in addition to presence of thousands of ISIS members and their families detained by Self-Administration. Omar added that These challenges require continuation of support to Syria Democratic Forces and Self-Administration to defeat terrorism and its intellectual and social roots
In a related context, the head of the European delegation pointed out that they are working to highlight on reality in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and providing necessary political support for this region. The European delegation, which is composed of European parliamentarians and researchers, is on an official visit to north and east of Syria in order to familiarize with the realty of the region and to meet with officials of Self-Administration and political parties

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May 24, 2019