The Syrian Democratic Council

SDC holds a seminar to meet Syrian political activists in Germany

Representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in Germany and the Netherlands held on Saturday a political dialogue seminar titled “The current situation and prospects of future amid the Syrian Revolution that enters its fourteenth year” in the city of Dortmund, Germany. An elite group of Syrian political activists, journalists, and members of the Syrian community attended the seminar.

Rezgar Qasim, Representative of the SDC in Germany and the Netherlands, welcomed the attendees and participants, providing an overview of the seminar’s topics and the intensive efforts made by the SDC to meet Syrian figures. The goal is to bring views closer and build national consensus for the interests of the Syrian people’s cause.

During the seminar, Hassan Muhammad Ali, Co-chairman of the SDC’s Public Relations Office, discussed the challenging political situation in Syria and the fragmentation within the Syrian opposition. These factors hinder progress in the political process and the resolution of the crisis in Syria.

Muhammad Ali emphasized the SDC’s commitment to unifying Syrians by engaging with political parties and democratic figures. The ultimate aim is to hold a general conference attended by democratic powers and figures who believe in democratic change and transition, working towards a decentralized, pluralistic democratic Syria.

Muhammad Ali highlighted the Turkey’s negative and obstructive role in resolving the Syrian crisis. He pointed out the alignment among Turkey, other regional actors, and the authority in Damascus in hindering the project of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). However, these parties lack key solutions to the Syrian crisis.

Qasim talked about the negative media campaign led by Turkey and other regional actors against the AANES, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the SDC amid regional and international conditions. He emphasized the importance of strengthening the internal and popular fronts, working towards realizing the aspirations of the Syrian people.

The participants in the seminar discussed various issues and topics relevant to Syrians, asked questions, expressed their opinions, and engaged in a transparent dialogue. On the other hand, Qasim addressed these inquiries, explaining the SDC’s stance on various matters at the domestic and international levels.

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