The Syrian Democratic Council

SDC participates in the Red Wednesday celebration

On the occasion of the Yazidi New Year, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), political parties, and community activists along with hundreds of residents from northeastern Syria participated on Wednesday in a celebration organized by the Yazidi House of Hasakah Region. The event took place in the town of Tirbe Spiyeh (al-Qahtaniya) in the countryside of Qamishli, northeastern Syria.

The SDC’s delegation included Ali Rahmoun, Deputy of the SDC’s Co-chairs, Amina Omar, Co-chairwoman of the SDC’s Advisory Office, as well as Shera Osay, Co-chairwoman of the SDC’s Media Office, and Derya Ramadan, Co-chairwoman of the SDC’s Relations Office.

On this occasion, Khabat Shaker, on behalf of the Yazidi Union in Syria, delivered a speech congratulating all Yazidis in Syria and around the world on the Yazidi New Year. He also addressed the suffering of Yazidi community members and their deprivation from practicing their rituals and customs, especially in areas occupied by Turkey.

Shaker expressed his wishes for this occasion to bring goodness and peace to all components of the Syrian people, and for the prevalence of security and safety, liberating the Syrian people from the oppression, ultimately leading to a democratic Syria that guarantees the rights of all Syrian society components constitutionally.

It is worth noting that Yazidis color eggs with four colors that represent the four seasons of the year as a symbol of the Yazidi New Year, which falls on the first Wednesday of April according to the Eastern (Julian) Calendar.

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