The Syrian Democratic Council

The Organization Office continues its meetings with people

The Organization Office in the Syria Democratic Council continues its public meetings with all constituents in order to discuss the political developments and put forward the vision of the Syria Democratic Council for the Syrian solution
The Organization Office, represented by Jawaher Othman, safa Hussein and Ammar Mousa, met with members of a number of civil institutions and community activities in Tel-Koger town
The Organization Office began the meeting by talking about the political developments on the Syrian arena and the recent developments in north and east of Syria, especially the current stage that followed the military and geographical elimination on the most dangerous terrorist organization “ISIS” and the associated terrorist groups with it
The Organization Office members explained that the current stage requires the unity , cooperation of all Syrian constituents and close the way for those who seek to stir up tensions and spread chaos in order to implement their purposes to hit the unity of constituents in north and east of Syria. And thus undermining the efforts of the Syria Democratic Council to reach a democratic decentralized Syria for all Syrians
During the meeting, the Organization Office members discussed the exerted efforts by the Syria Democratic Council to resolve the Syrian crisis according to its political course and through dialogue and negotiation
On the other hand, the Organization Office members told the attendees that the file of the Syrian north is witnessing successive developments, especially in Afrin region which is witnessing the construction of a separation wall by the occupied Turkish state which separates the area from its Syrian surroundings and this contradicts the principles of human rights and international law.The meeting concluded by asking questions and queries by attendants and their desire to intensify public meetings and to inform them about the recent developments

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
6,May, 2019

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