The Syrian Democratic Council

Women Office meets with women in Jalabia town / Kubani country side

On Tuesday, April 30, the Women Office in the Syria Democratic Council met with the women of Jalabila town ,in Kobani country side, to see the women activities in the town and inform them about the Syria Democratic Council project and its vision to resolve the Syrian crisis
Dozens of women met in Al-jalabia town and a delegation of the Women Office, including members Amina Saleh, Niroz Abdel- Rahman and Rojen Mohammed, in addition to women who are working in the civil institutions
Amina Salih, a member of the Women Office, referred to the role of women in society in various political, social, cultural and economic fields
Saleh said that the Women Office and the Syria Democratic Council are seeking to achieve gender equality ,guarantee women freedom and protect their rights
For her part, Niroz Abdel-Rahman referred to the leading role of women in society where Abdel-Rahman considered that free society is built by free and aware women and their struggle In order to end violence against all women
The meeting concluded by opening the way for discussion and attendants questions to present the challenges and problems that are facing women activities in Jalabia town and ways to find solutions for women to live without restriction on their freedom in order to play their leading role in leading society
Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
1 May 2019

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