The Syrian Democratic Council
SDC holds a meeting with notable figures in Qamishli

SDC holds a meeting with notable figures in Qamishli

The Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held on Monday a meeting with a group of political, social, and Syrian cultural figures in the city of Qamishli. The purpose of the meeting was to form a preparatory committee to work according to the strategy of the national work in northeastern Syria.

Hassan Muhammad Ali, Co-chairman of the SDC’s Public Relations Office, along with Janda Muhammad and Ali Rahmoun, Deputies of the SDC’s Co-chairs, Shera Osay, Co-chairwoman of the SDC’s Media Office, and members of the Relations Office in northeastern Syria participated in the meeting.

Muhammad Ali initiated the meeting by discussing the dire situation of the Syrian crisis and the necessity of uniting Syrians. He emphasized the importance of working to unify the national powers and political visions, despite their different paths.

Muhammad Ali underscored the continuity of the SDC’s work according to the national constants supported by the paths of the Syrian dialogue to build a national consensus that paves the way for resolving the Syrian crisis.

The meeting included a presentation of the foundations for the national dialogue. After reading that presentation, there was a discussion about its content. The participants in the meeting made amendments on it, rephrased some articles, and added new items. Finally, they agreed on the general and unifying matters which establish a political situation that will advance the country’s development and address all aspects of the crisis.

The participants considered the Kurdish issue a Syrian national issue that must be resolved within the Syrian national framework. Also, they emphasized the importance of rejecting any demographic changes across the Syrian territories.

Additionally, they affirmed that the inclusive national identity, which supports the local identities, is one of the tools to counter external attempts that aim to undermine the unity and cohesion of the Syrian society.

They pointed out the importance of enhancing the intra-Syrian dialogue and focusing on forming an inclusive national political umbrella for the democratic opposition in Syria. This opposition believes that the peaceful political solution is the only solution that reflects the will of the Syrians in the peaceful democratic change.

The second theme of the meeting discussed the mechanisms of work, the formation of a committee named the Syrian Dialogue Initiative in Northeastern Syria. This committee aims to strengthen relations with other powers, unify various visions, reach agreements, find solutions and end the Syrian crisis.

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