The Syrian Democratic Council
Statement for the Public Opinion

Statement for the Public Opinion

We, as members of the Syrian tribes and components, participated in the second forum held on May 25th, under the slogan “National Dialogue, Security and Reconstruction are Essential for a Decentralized Unified Syria” in the city of Hasakah.
The event took place amid extremely critical circumstances that affect the region and the entire Syrian homeland. We face significant challenges that threaten the entity of the Syrian state, its territories, national cohesion, and authentic historical diversity.

It is no secret to anyone that the sacrifices made by the Syrian components of North and East Syria in the face of the fiercest types of international terrorism and Turkish aggression in defense of the dignity of the Syrian people and the integrity of their territories. These components have preserved their national and social fabric and civil peace through their declaration of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES). They based on their free will, conscious intentions, and the principle that unity is the foundation of diversity.

Free women have played a pioneering and crucial role in establishing the DAANES structures, as a national democratic gain. So, it is our moral duty to protect, defend, develop, and enhance it through believing in its Social Contract. That Contract outlined the principles of the DAANES and its true will in managing its affairs and leading them to the correct administrative and legal path. Also, the Contract affirms the protection of human rights principles and its commitment to the international law and shaping the future of its people.

We must point out that we will embark on electoral entitlements. Therefore, we urge all components of North and East Syria to actively participate in the nomination and election process. They should choose the most competent, deserving, and suitable candidates to achieve the goals of the DAANES and its societal components.

We must acknowledge the heroic role played by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Internal Security Forces (Asayish), which include fighters from all components and segments of Syrian society, in defeat of the international terrorism and with the support of the International Coalition both on the ground and militarily.

We affirm that the international terrorism, as an ideological, political, and military system, has not yet ended. The legacy of ISIS, represented by its sleeper and active cells operating daily, and the thousands of the most dangerous fighters and their families in detention centers and camps, as well as suitable conditions where the ISIS reorganizes its ranks, still pose a serious and real threat. This threat affects the region and the world, and hinders efforts to come up with solutions to the Syrian crisis.

Therefore, we reiterate once again that we cannot say that we have eliminated the international terrorism system except through serious research involving the DAANES and the international community to find comprehensive and integrated solutions. Additionally, this will be achieved by activating the judicial process to ensure the rights of the victims’ families and to achieve societal and international justice.

As we affirm that the Turkish occupation will remain a fundamental and primary obstacle to any attempts and projects aiming at coming up with solutions by Syrians. It exacerbates the Syrian dilemma through its systematic policies, especially forced displacement aimed at demographic change in the occupied areas. Also, it carries out daily practices and criminal acts, most of which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity according to international human rights reports.

Therefore, it is imperative to end this occupation in all possible ways, and to address its repercussions in ensuring safe and voluntary return by international guarantees and the charter of human rights.

Additionally, we praise the role played by the members of Syrian tribes and components who have proven to be the real, effective, and capable force in enhancing civil peace and preserving the brotherhood of peoples and unity of destiny. They are capable, through their unity, support, cooperation, and agreement, of finding the foundations for a comprehensive Syrian solution and establishing peace and stability in Syria and the entire region.

We, as all segments and components of the Syrian society, call upon all Syrians to renounce violence, extremism, and internal conflicts among Syrians. We recognize our shared responsibility to resolve the Syrian crisis. This is in order to preserve national unity and to create safe and effective conditions for enhancing the intra-Syrian dialogue.

We aim to hold a comprehensive national forum where the Syrian interests and our national issues should take priority.
Therefore, we believe that this role is entrusted to the SDC as a comprehensive political and social framework that includes parties, social and ethnic entities, and influential figures capable of being an inclusive Syrian national umbrella.

We must emphasize once again the importance of not being drawn into hostile policies aimed at creating strife and undermining the stability and security we experience under our Syrian national achievements. We consider these achievements as a foundation and basis that can be developed to advance Syria to ending its crisis and avoiding division and fragmentation into conflicting entities that do not serve the interests of the Syrians and their future.

Also, we call upon the Arab states, headed by the Arab League, to play their crucial roles in coming up with a solution by Syrians, as well as the European Union, international institutions, and UN agencies to take the priority for the effective national powers from the components of the Syrian people.

Today, at this forum, we have gathered to affirm some of the national and internal outcomes, the most important of which are:

1- We seek peace and we are open for dialogue with all parties, through which we aim to strengthen good neighborly relations with the peoples and countries of the region.
2- We seek dialogue, safety, and construction.
3- The rejection of terrorism and its combat, and the refusal of discrimination based on nationality, religion, and gender.
4- Belief in democratic values, human rights, and citizenship rights.
5- Syria is a unified, decentralized state that accommodates all Syrians with their various components.
6- Working on issuing an amnesty that includes persons who were not involved in shedding the blood of Syrians. Also, it should include those have proven their rehabilitation to return and reintegrate into their society.
7- Developing and providing services for daily needs according to the available capabilities and required needs.
8- Emphasizing the importance of the agricultural sector, livestock, and other significant sectors.
9- Reconsidering the issue of internal displacement, whether in camps or in host communities, as well as helping IDPs who wish to voluntarily return to their original residences.
10- Combating drug trafficking by all possible means and methods due to the risks that affect the future of the Syrian people.

Glory and eternity to our righteous martyrs
Long live a free and democratic Syria

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