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SDC's Women's Office holds a workshop in Hasakah to empower women

SDC’s Women’s Office holds a workshop in Hasakah to empower women

Syrian women in Hasakah city discussed on Sunday, May 26, the supportive factors for integrating women into political activities, economic development, and social work. This was during a workshop called by the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), aiming to empower women.

Representatives of political parties, alongside Syrian women interested in women’s affairs participated in the workshop.

The women participating in the workshop emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts to empower women through various factors, most notably working on integrating women into different fields and enhancing their self-confidence.

They also pointed out the necessity of developing and training women working in various fields by qualifying them and enhancing their competencies, through holding specialized training courses, and focusing on holding workshops and seminars.

The participants called on all Syrian women to work tirelessly to change the stereotypical image of women’s role that hinders their access to decision-making positions.

From an economic perspective, they focused on supporting the community economy and working to empower women in the economic field to increase productivity.

The participating considered these workshops an effective and necessary tool to contribute to increasing women’s awareness of their rights and their active participations in all areas of life, and to enhance their role in society.

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