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The Organization Office meets with Neighborhood Councils in Darbasiyah

On 15 July, the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) met with a number of suburb councils ( commune) in Darbasiyya /Al-Hasakah rural area to discuss recent political developments .
The meeting was attended by members of suburb councils and civil institutions in Darbasiyah sub-district.
The meeting was initiated by Saddiq Baker, the member of the Organization Office, where he welcomed the audience letting them to know the agenda of the meeting and main topics to be discussed.
 And then the member of the Presidential Council, Muslim Abbas, spoke about field, political and military developments in Syria.
During his speech, Abbas referred to international meetings held by the countries involved in the Syrian file, how this contributed to prolonging the Syrian crisis and thus increased the sufferings of the peoples of the region.
In the same context, Abbas reviewed the career of the Syrian Democratic Council, its efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis after defeating the most powerful terrorist organization and building civil institutions in liberated areas run by peoples of the region themselves.
The member of the Presidential Council also mentioned how the project of the Syrian Democratic Council contributed to creating a safe environment for coexistence and maintaining civil peace in the areas of Autonomous Administration .
On the other hand, Abbas pointed out to the campaigns targeting the project of SDC , especially by the Turkish state which occupies Afrin and large parts of Syrian territory.
 For their part, the attendees asked many questions and inquiries about the recent workshops organized by SDC, which were answered by the Organization Office.

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July 15, 2019

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