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Residents of “Zarkan” Recall the Fifth Anniversary of the Shangal Massacre

On August 3, Dozens of women from towns of Zarkan and Darbasiya / Al-Hasakah countryside demonstrated in the center of Zarkan town to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Shankal massacre committed by mercenaries of ISIS in 2014.
 The march was organized by women’s activities from the two cities with the participation of the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, where they raised slogans condemning the massacres committed in Shankal especially against women there who were the victims of the Yazidi tragedy, where they were killed, captured and trafficked.
The participants also raised slogans condemning the Turkish threats to regions of Northern and Eastern Syria. They considered that the Turkish state is the one that helped and supported the members of the terrorist organization ISIS to attack Mount Shankal and commit massacres.
They also called upon the international community to take a decisive stand against Turkish threats and not to release Turkey’s hands in committing other massacres against women and children, as it did in Afrin region.
It is worth mentioning that the massacre committed by the terrorist organization ISIS in Shankal, caused thousands of victims among women, children and the elderly, and is cosidered one of the biggest tragedies that continue till now. The fate of thousands of them still remains unknown.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
August 3 ,2019

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