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On Monday 7-1-2019 , hundreds of residents of Qamishli ( Qamishlo ) region, in addition to foundations of the self-management, a delegation by the Syria Democratic Council and society activities demonstrated in response to the call of the Families of Martyrs Foundation to launch a mass demonstration; to denounce the practices of the Turkish state and its occupation of Syrian territory.

The march began with slogans and pictures of the martyrs from the center of the city of Qamishly to the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissionary for Refugees, where a statement was read on behalf of the Foundation of the families of the martyrs, which said : “We are the families and mothers of the martyrs in the geography of Rojava and northeastern Syria, call for International organizations and institutions concerned with the rights of peoples to freedom, equality and justice to stand by our people to fight all forms of genocide and murder imposed on us by the Turkish State and its mercenaries on our regions.

The whole world should know that the Turkish state practices are no different from the ISIS practices. Daily, civilians are massacred in Afrin, ethnic cleansing and genocide are carried out. We call to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and revival of ISIS . We appeal to the United Nations and the international community to stand against the humanitarian crimes committed by Turkey in Afrin and stand against the threats by it on our regions.

We therefore ask the United Nations organizations:

Firstly : We demand a no-fly zone on the self-management areas in northern and eastern Syria.

Secondly :To consider any threat and Turkish attack is a violation of international convention and a state of occupation.

Thirdly : Sending human rights organizations to Afrin and work to document the violations committed by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin.

Fourthly : the participation of self-management in the Geneva negotiations and the committee of writing the constitution.

In conclusion, we are the families of the martyrs ,their mothers, their fathers and their children have provided more than 8,000 martyrs in our war against ISIS. These martyrs have sacrificed themselves for all humanity, so all of humanity owes them. So all humantarian organizations are responsible for security and stability done by these sacrifices , and we also by this means once again renew our pledge that we will defend their aims and walk on their path to victory”

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council