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The Commander-in-Chief of the Syria Democratic Forces ( SDF), Mazloum Abdi, stressed that the issue of Afrin and its liberation is a central issue for ongoing discussions on the safe area

This came in the dialogue of the Commander-in-Chief of SDF with Al-Bayan newspaper, stressing that it is Turkey that obstructs any possible settlement in Syria, especially in north-eastern regions

Abdi continued saying
“We can not talk about any development in political solution or security and stability in regions of northern and eastern Syria without Afrin”

 The Commander-in-Chief of SDF added that returning of Afrin residents without exception, international protection, returning of their stolen property, removal of demographic change and returning of Afrin to its normal position, are decisive factors about continuation and success of talks on the safe area

 And about the violations of Turkish state in Afrin which comes amid international silence, Abdi said : “We consider that the occupation of Afrin happened as a result of an international conspiracy and the silence of the international community towards the city is a proof of such conspiracy.There are hidden facts in corridors of Astana and Sochi”

Upon ambitions of Turkish state in north of Syria and its expansionist project, Abdi said 

“Turkey publicly declares on the tongue of its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that it will not withdraw from the occupied territories in Syria, and seeks to occupy areas east of the Euphrates and Manbaj, annexing to the territories occupied formerly, on pretext of protecting Turkish national security, and it has recently intensified its security and military work to reach this goal “

 The commander-in-chief of SDF referred to rapprochement between Turkey and Syrian government, saying 

“The Turkish government seeks through several channels, we know well, to coordinate with the central government in Damascus, and looks forward to normalizing relations with Damascus at the expense of the Syrian people in all its components in northern and eastern Syria, and publicly declares the need to re-activate Adana Security Agreement in order to enter Syrian territory whenever it wanted “

As for the role of Turkey in the region, especially in Syria, by protecting its interests at the expense of Syrian people, Abdi said

 “Turkey founded threads of destruction of Syria in the stage of openness, through implanting security cells, supporting specific projects that benefit Turkish economy at the expense of interests of Syria, and we hope that the Syrian government does not repeat this mistake again”

Abdi also spoke about the reasons for the success of their forces in the eradication of terrorism and in region management through Self-Management and returning of security and stability to areas liberated by their forces, saying 

“The unity of northern and eastern components of Syria, and fighting of all components including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs and Turkmens together,
under the banner of the Syria Democratic Forces, and mixing of their blood in the battle against terrorism, is a solid foundation for the success of the project “

 About he political settlement in Syria and prospects for a political solution, Abdi said

“The issue of reaching a comprehensive settlement that ends the Syrian crisis is a matter of Syrians above all, and we believe in the principle of Syrian-Syrian dialogue as a key element in Syria to resolve all existing issues, including the issue of northern and eastern Syria”
Abdi also said: ” The central government in Damascus is still far from accepting the current situation in north and east of Syria. Our proposals for a comprehensive solution, is to accept the existing of Self-Management and the speciality of Syria Democratic Forces”
Abdi pointed out that what had been said about the USA role in hindering the dialogue between SDF and Damascus is a “mere secondary role», and that the political options for the components of the north and east of Syria are not subject to the will of external forces

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council

27 April 2019