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The northern and eastern regions of Syria are witnessing mass demonstrations to denounce the Turkish campaign to separate Afrin area from Syrian territory by building a wall around the area in preparation for its removal from Syrian

Civilians and civil institutions in most of northern and eastern Syria organized mass demonstrations to express their rejection of Turkish state plans aimed to separate Afrin area by constructing a separation wall

During last week, several areas in Al-Jazeera Region / Hassakeh and Qamishlou districts witnessed mass demonstrations with the participation of community and civil society organizations and a large number of residents of the region to denounce the attempts of Turkish state to separate Afrin from its surroundings and change its demography

The Women Foundation / Star Conference organized several demonstrations in the towns and cities of AlJazeera region, from town of Zarkan / Abu Rasin / through Sari Kaniya / Ras Al Ain / Darbasiya, Amouda, Qamishlo and Terbassbiye

For their part, the residents of the town of Al-Garniya, north-west of the city of Al-Tabqqa organized a night demonstration last night to denounce Turkish occupation, international silence regarding violations taking place in Afrin region and blatant violation of international conventions

In the center of city of Tabqqa , the Civil Administration recited a statement in front of youth sit-in tent where it denounced the attempts of Turkish state to separate part of the Syrian territory and annex it to Turkey by building a separation wall separating Afrin area from its surroundings
The Civil Administration statement in Tabqqa condemned international silence encouraging Turkish state

In Al-Shahba district, locally displaced people from Afrin and Al-Shahba people continue to organize gatherings and demonstrations refusing the existance of Turkey in Afrin, calling upon international community and human rights organizations to intervene, to end the state of occupation and returning all people of Afrin to their homes

These demonstrations and public anger had been intensified after Turkish state began last April, to build a separation wall to isolate ​​Afrin area from its center in preparation for its annexation and removing it from Syrian territory

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
10 May 2019