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On Thursday, Mohamed Hassan, a member of the Presidential Council in the Syria Democratic Council, told a local news agency about the Turkish State intentions to annex Afrin region to the Turkish State geography through racist projects and changing its demographic structure
Mohamed Hassan added that the Turkish State exploits the International and Russian Silence in the midst of flagrant violation of the International Laws and the Human Rights Charter
Hassan stressed that the Turkish State is trying hard through constructing a cement wall (barrier) around Afrin region to cut it off from the Syrian territories and annex it to the Turkish geography, similar to what happened in Lewaa-Iskenderon. After Turkey and its mercenaries deliberately changed the demographic structure of Afrin and committed atrocities against its inhabitants, such as killing, looting and kidnapping
About the Turkish State efforts to hide and transfer its crises abroad, Mohamed Hassan said:
“Erdogan wants through these policies to transfer his internal crises beyond the borders of Turkey to hide his failure in the internal policies so he is trying hard to annex Syrian territories to Turkey and change the demographic of the region through the exchange of landowners and property, as well as looting the occupied territories to support his collapsed economy”
Hassan also referred to the Syrian government attitude from the practices of the Turkish State in north of Syria, saying :
“The Syrian government must assume its historical responsibilities and express a strong and clear attitude with regard to the practices of the Turkish occupier in which there should be no difference between any part of the Syrian geography and the State should protect its sovereignty.”
Mohamed Hassan concluded his speech insisting on the necessity of continuing dialogue between all factions and Syrian people constituents and the participation of all Syrians in writing a new constitution for their country away from external interference to reach a democratic decentralized Syria

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
19 April 2019