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The Syria Democratic Council continues  to hold public meetings in cities and towns of North and East of Syria, in order to inform the locals about the latest  international and regional  political developments. And to clarify visions and programs of the council about mechanisms of the Syrian-Syrian solution.

Among the meetings which are organized and attended by the council : the public meeting which was organized by Tel-Temer city on 19 Nov. 2018 with a wide public participation, in which dozens of women and locals took part in it.

Amina Omer ( The Co-President) of the Syria Democratic Council addressed at the beginning of the meeting a number of complicated political issues in the region especially the current Syrian situation and the interference of the regional states which prevented the solution and led to aggravation of the crisis that  exhausted the Syrian people .

Omer added, and  explained extensively the subject of Idlib city in Syria and the related international conventions to prevent  a human disaster against its civilian inhabitants.

She also referred  to the national army which consists of the same radical factions which are operated by Turkey in order to be sent to Syrian city of Afrin. She also indicated that the solution in Idlib requires getting out all armed groups and the democratic administration of the city by its people.

Omer mentioned the issue of the Turkish occupation of the cities of the north of Syria with the participation of radical factions , starting from Aazaz ,Afrin to the city of Idlib. And considered the occupation is occupation whether it is by Turkey or its extremist factions. She continued  her speech about the recent Turkish attacks on cities and towns of north of Syria and specifically Kobani city and its threats to the east of the Euphrates.

Omer also spoke about the Syrian-Syrian dialogue clarifying that the solution begins from the inside of Syria and it is necessary to unify views of the moderate secular Syrian opposition.

She pointed out that the city of Ain-Issa will host a wide dialogue conference on 28 of this month with a wide participation of Syrian opposition interior powers under the patronage of the Syria Democratic Council .

When the discussion was opened with attendants , Omer asserted in her response to some questions that the Syria Democratic Forces  are continuing with our partners in the international coalition and these forces will continue to keep safety of Syrian north cities and Syria as a whole. As for the issue of the occupation of Afrin city by the Turkish army and the –so called- the extremist factions , she confirmed that it is our priorities to liberate the city of Afrin at the suitable time and date, as well as all the occupied cities .

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