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Aleppo Office participated on the evening of December 10, 2018, to offer condolences to the familyof the martyr “Taha” who died in defense of the city of Afrin.

The council delegation included the joint head of the office of Afrin and Al-Shahba, Shirin Qasu, member of the presidential council Mohammed Hassan, the administrator of the women’s office Zeinab Qanbar, Lamia Mohammed, member of the relations office Jamal Rashid, and members of organisational office : Ismat Muhammad
and Birivan Ali .

The ceremony began with a minute of silence praising the soul of the martyrs. After that, a number of words were delivered that confirmed that the martyr Taha was one of the martyrs who joined the martyrs’ convoys who defended the dust of the city of Afrin, promising everyone more to liberate the city of Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries


The Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council

December 12th, 2018