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The Office of Afrin and Alshahba received on Tuesday December 18, 2018 a delegation from the Star Conference in the Office of the Council in the province of Shahba to discuss organizational affairs between the two parties

The delegation of the Star Conference was chaired by the co-president of the Star Conference of the Shahbaa branch, “Heifin Sulaiman”. On the other side, they were received by the joint presidency of the office of Afrin and Al-Shahba “Shirin Qaso” and and members of the women’s office

The aim of the visit was to raise the level of coordination and work between the two parties from the organizational point of view, and to contribute in the organization of social activities where women have a clear role in participation and organization.They also continued the debate on the status of women in the provinces of Afrin and Alshhaba and issues they are suffering from socially and culturally

Media Office of the Democratic Council of Syria
19 December 2018