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This evening, 17 December 2018, thousands of people from Afrin and Shuhba provinces demonstrated in protest against the Turkish occupation of several areas in Syria and the Turkish threats to north and east of Syria under the title “Down aggression and Ottoman occupation.Victory for the people’s will of east and north of Syria .

The demonstration was attended by thousands of people from the two provinces, several social activities , political parties, and a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council represented by Shirin Qasu, Mohammed Hassan, Zainab Qanbar, Lamia Khalaf, Dijla Mustafa, Du’aa Buzan , Jamal Rashid, Birivan Ali and Issmat Muhammad .
The demonstration began next to the Infantry School, and lasted four hours ended in the town of “Babens”.

During the demonstration, there were words, most of which confirmed that Turkey and through its threat to the city of Manbaj and the areas of East Euphrates trying to occupy these areas to blow up our democratic project and co-existence among all peoples. But through our policy we were able to unite class because our project is the unity of Syrian land and co-existence.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council.
17 December 2018