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On the occasion of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25 November every year. So the world is celebrating with its various rights movements and women’s organizations today . In which women’s activities are organized to eliminate violence against women in all its forms.

This day comes as a positive case for the issue of violence against women in the world and shed light on their suffering. Despite the fact that all international laws issued by human rights organizations called for preserving the sanctity of women and their rights in the same way as other sex.

However, the cases of violence against women are continuing to be a barrier to achieve equality and the fulfillment of women human rights . It is a strong manifestation of unequal relations between men and women in history that has led to a societal and cultural difference between two sexes, which has reduced women’s power in their characters and deprived them of the most basic rights.
We at the Syria Democratic Council, at the same time we are celebrating this occasion we also are deploring the violence against women in all its forms. As well as the sacrifices which are made by women of the world to achieve their full rights, especially the Syrian women who suffered during the Syrian crisis.
We also are calling on all women in the world to cooperate closely, uniting their efforts and continuing their struggle to break the silence of violence against them.

Syria Democratic Council
25 November 2018