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On behalf of the General Command of the Syria Democratic Forces and all its fighters and on behalf of all our allies who fought with us in the same trench, we announce today the destruction of the so-called Islamic State Organization and the end of its field control in its last pockets in Al Baguoz region
After our forces defeated al-Qaeda terrorists and its supplements who were supported by regional forces, and With our own modest potentials through heroic resistance in 2012 and 2013, our regions were attacked in early 2014 by instigation of the same forces for more brutal and bloody attacks by ISIS. Kubani battle was the symbol of the global resistance against terrorism and the beginning of defeating ISIS. Now, after five years of fighting, we stand here to declare field defeat of ISIS and its public defiance to all mankind
We are proud of what we have achieved as a result of our war against ISIS and al-Qaeda.This achievement is represented by saving nearly 5 million inhabitants of North and East of Syria including all constituents from terrorism .Besides to liberation of 52 thousand square km of Syrian territory and elimination of terrorism threat to humanity

This victory was very expensive, as more than 11 thousand martyrs of our forces, leaders and fighters, as well as civilian casualties were the target of terrorist ISIS and more than 21 thousand fighters were injured. On this orccasion, we are memorizing those heroes, paying tribute to their memory, wishing urgent recovery for the wounded. Because of their sacrifices, this victory has been achieved
Likewise, we profoundly thank all those who contributed to this war against terrorism, particularly International Coalition against ISIS
The main factor which lies behind succeeding of SDF in its war against terrorism was its depending on democratic approach, principles of democratic nation, freedom of women, principles of coexistance and brotherhood of people which brought together fighters from Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs,Turkmens, Chechens, Chirkasians and international fighters under flag of SDF

As SDF has helped the people of liberated areas to build their administrative and security institutions, it will also create the stability of the regions so that these areas can rebuild their administrative and legislative councils through democratic and transparent elections
In this context, we call on the central government in Damascus to prefer the process of dialogue and to start practical steps to reach a political solution based on recognition of elected self-administrations in north-east of Syria and acceptance of the speciality of SDF

We also call on Turkey to stop interfering in Syrian internal affairs and threatening constantly its security and to exit from Syrian territory, especially Afrin.Turkey must adopt dialogue as a way to resolve thorny issues in the region based on mutual respect and good neighborly relations

In conclusion, we affirm that our war against terrorism of ISIS will continue until full victory is achieved and total elimination of its existence. At the same time, we announce to world public opinion ,the beginning of a new stage in fighting against terrorists of ISIS, through continuation of precise military and security campaigns in coordination with the international coalition forces for eliminating the secret military presence of ISIS represented in its sleeping cells, which still make a major threat to our region and the whole world

General Command of the Syria Democratic Force