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April 17th marks the 73rd anniversary of Syria Independence. Syria has been rooted in history for thousands of years; it has emerged according to current geography as a product of the most egregious divisions of the Middle East in the so-called Sykes-Picot Convention of 1916
After Syria was granted independence in 1946, the Syrian Republic was without a suffix or nationalist and religious inclusion. It was the founding member of the United Nations in post-World War II, rather than the League of Nations. Thus, the first stage of the Syrian Republic which despite the emergence of the margin of democracy at the time, except that the military coups which the Syrian Republic suffered from until the so-called recorrectivinst movement that besieged the values ​​of the Republic and divided Syria into a higher nationality and marginalized nationalities.This marginalization hurts
religious wealth enjoyed by Syrian people and all its cultures which are more than thirty ethnic, national, religious and sectarian communities
It is known that the regime of tyranny in its trying to maintain its authority, stood against the will of the people of Syria in all their affiliations.The tyranny regimes, especially Baath regime , is responsible for not formulating the Syrian national identity because of policies practiced on Syrians, and thus destroyed the state of citizenship which is, in turn, achieved through a national democratic project that fills the existing gaps and fragmentation in Syrian society
At the time, the Syria Democratic Council congratulates all the people of Syria and their components on the Syrian Independence Day; it affirms that Syria did not enjoy its freedom in accordance with its historical status and geopolitical position.The tyranny centralized regime is no less dangerous than occupation, and any form which makes Syria concentrated in the center, tyranny and domination will spread over Syrian people and its geography

We affirm that the Syrian revolutionary movement in mid-March 2011 was determined by the Syrian society and its desire to achieve the freedom it deserves by making a qualitative leap towards the new democratic era in the values of the Third Republic and achieving the second independence. The lack of achievement of the results, distortion of the revolutionary movement and popular uprising into a suffocating crisis follows, in turn, the central regime’s insistence on reproducing itself, external interventions and the emergence of cultural terrorism away from the Syrian culture. The majority of the Syrian opposition turned to channels to implement the plans of others, instead of being a factor for democratic change which the Syrians and the whole region need. The Syrian situation had escalated and complicated because of Turkish occupation of Afrin after the occupation of Jarablis, Azaz and Al-Babr
The Syria Democratic Council takes this anniversary of independence and reaffirms that resolving the Syrian crisis will be only a political solution. And it is better for all the powers and the national democratic parties to meet at the negotiating table without absenting anyone under the supervision of the United Nations, guided by the relevant UN resolutions, including resolution 2254. Holding of a Syrian national conference on Syrian geography will be the most courageous and the best decisions in these hard times.Holding this conference, will be followed by forming many committees that read the Syrian crisis, make together the Syrian social contract and establish democratic decentralized Syria that guarantf ees building of national state institutions and achieving full equality between different elements of Syria, in which women’s full freedom and equality with men can be achieved
Once again, we congratulate the people of Syria on this day, believing that this crisis will make us conscious and aware of the new Syrian establishment, representing by the project of Self-Administration in which Syria is for all its components

Syria Democratic Council
16 April 2019