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The Turkish occupation forces continue to apply their colonial practices. In last few weeks, theTurkish occupation forces have carried out extensive demolitions and bulldozing of houses and civilian properties in the village of Jalbal, in order to complete the construction of the separation wall

The wall, which the Turkish occupation forces have begun to build around the Syrian city of Afrin to isolate it from Syria completely, represents the latest chapter in a plan aimed at perpetuating the occupation of Syrian territories and annexing them to Turkey through displacement of more than 300,000 residents from Afrin to be replaced by terrorist groups
Everyone should know that the Turkish separation wall is a part of a systematic process of demographic structure change , replacing elements associated withTurkey in these areas, and changing the identity of the city
These recent measures prove to all, even those who bury their heads in sand, that Turkey aims to occupy the Syrian territory, but gradually, todayAfrin, and Turkey will devote its occupation to Idlib tomorrow through the so-called observation points

.The Turkish moves warn of serious dangers to the structure of Syrian state, Syrian society and its territorial integrity, because Turkish plans are based on occupation of territories and formation of terrorist entities to be involved in the political process

Two months ago, Turkish Defense Minister, Khalosi Akkar spoke of the subordinateness of Afrin to Turkish territory, according to Melli Charter, which Turkey used to prove that it did not lose Afrin in First World War and that it is still within its borders, but it was wrong to give it up under Treaty of Lausanne in 1923
Despite these dangerous Turkish moves on the sovereignty and unity of Syrian state, the Syrian regime commented on this with a weak statement devoid of any seriousness.This step is not far from the Syrian regime allies, Russia and Iran, who share the Turkish occupation through Astana agreements

We in the Syria Democratic Council condemn these actions and call upon the world and all Syrian national forces to take responsibility towards Turkish practices that have become uncovered and aimed to occupy Syrian territory

The Syria Democratic Council