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On the third of this month, the Syrian Clans Forum was held under the auspices of the Syria Democratic Council under the slogan “Syrian clans protect the Syrian society and its social contract”. Because of the wide participation of clans and the important messages by the heads of clans . It is clear that it was a national Syrian meeting that proceeds from responsibility and a national strategic dimension at this difficult time that experienced by the region in general and our Syrian country in particular. The preventive measures that are common to the Syrian people and which were planned by the Syrian authority, in order not to attend many personalities and community activists ,did not affect the success of the Forum
So at the beginning we Express our gratitude to the thousands of tribal national figures who attended and suffered the trouble of traveling and those who were unable to attend for known reasons. Therefore, we Express our gratitude to all the tribal national figures who participated and who were unable to participate for the known reasons
We ,as the Syria Democratic Council, affirm that we and all the constituents of the region presented our precious and generous in the face of occupation plans to the Syrian territories by opening doors to enable Turkey to occupy the Syrian regions like Jerables, Azzaz, Al-Bab ,Afrin and large areas from Idlib. It is unfortunate that these Turkish occupations came under the so-called reconciliation ,so these people do not have the right to talk about the unity of Syrian land and the sovereignty of the Syrian state. They also never have the right to accuse the Syrian Clan Forum that was held in Ain Issa as a meeting for partition and what resulted from these parties such as various pretexts and false allegations that have nothing to do with the truth and we reject them in details
We in the Syria Democratic Council as well as the Syrian people, the region and the world know that over the Syrian crisis we have been excluded and absent from the meetings of the Syrian solution. Most of Syrians know that we are ready to meet and our circumstances and the sacrifices that we have made over the past years qualified us to make a real breakthrough to the Syrian crisis. Our project is a clear national democratic and through which the solution is obtained and becomes
Otherwise, the reason of the failure of all the Syrian meetings that took place in Geneva or Astana because we did not attend and most of the democratic powers, the Syrian secular parties and representatives of the Syrian community activities. And because our reliance from the beginning was on the resistance of our people and the Forum comes to emphasize this and the failure of those who want to stir strife and push constituents to the internal combating and fighting. The decisions and proposals that resulted from the forum confirmed that our struggle is continuing to achieve the greatest amount of the Syrian presence and no one will discourage us from that until resolving the Syrian crisis , ending of the reality of the Turkish occupation and restoring Syrian sovereignty over all its territories. We can’t be accused of partition and separation because the constituents of north and east of Syria are under the protection of Self-Administration and that the Syria Democratic Council was the only power that defended north and east of Syria, this is the important part in Syria, in the face of the occupation. The language of treason will not discourage our resolve and our determination to build a democratic Syria that guarantees the rights for all Syrians. Therefore, we finally affirm that we are on the right course and we are confident that our security, peace and progress will succeed as long as we proceed together from our conviction in coexistence, brotherhood of people and unity of destiny
May 5, 2019
The Syria Democratic Council