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Statement to public opinion

At a difficult moment in the history of the country and the people, where the Syrians suffer from a terrible humanitarian disaster under international and regional intervention and the Turkish occupation of some areas of Syria, and a despotic regime that cares only to stay at all costs. At a time of increasing threats to self-management areas in north and east of Syria. This management which is the onlly unique experience that still holds the potential for emancipation and is the cornerstone of the
democratic and social struggle for all Syrians.

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) ) proclaims to the whole of our Syrian people and the revolutionists of the Syrian democratic forces who are stationed in the fields of honor and dignity as they struggle against the most powerful terrorist and fascist organization, the news of the joining of the comrades in ( the Revolutionary Left Trend in Syria ) to the Syrian Democratic Council.

The joining of the comrades in the Revolutionary Left Trend , comes at this crucial moment that requires the mobilization of all national powers and effective democratic left activities to chart a path for a better future in Syria that will restore its territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the people to get rid of all occupation, guardianship, tyranny or exploitation. Stopping the war and solving the humanitarian issues related to the return of migrants , locally displaced people , the release of detainees, knowing the fate of the kidnapped persons and a transitional justice to prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes against humanity, providing the requirements for a genuine and deep democratic transition and building a pluralistic, decentralized democratic system that respects public freedoms , political and party pluralism and is based on separating religion from the state and achieving equality and social justice.

The joining of the comrades in the Revolutionary Left Trend is a victory for the whole of our Syrian people and for its struggle for liberation and for the Syrian Democratic Council as a national and democratic coalition framework that does not hesitate to extend cooperation to all democratic and social powers that have independent willing, and are active and alive. The council respects the intellectual, political and organizational independence of all its entities.

Congratulations to our people , powers and parties and all members of SDC

15 December 2018

Joint Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council .

Central Action Committee of the Revolutionary Left Trend in Syria