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The March 12 uprising brought us many meanings and indications. However, despite the passing of 15 years of the popular uprising that embodied the collective will of our people in the uprising saying “no” in the face of a centralized and tyrannical regime that created strife between the constituents of the region, leaving tens of martyrs behind at that time; the authorty in Damascus is still insisting on reproducing itself according to the central formula, which is responsible for the biggest part of the atrocities in Syria . Some personalities and parties related to the Syrian opposition play bad and hostile roles to the simple patriotic and national rights because such persons execute a hostile agenda against the will of the Kurdish people and other constituents in Syria. This agenda led to the consolidation of the Syrian crisis according to narrow regional plans
On the contrary, the realization of the basic characteristic of that community situation, which was the first spark that owned philosophical and revolutionary legacy led to what we live today as an institutional, social and political fact. At the same time , this legacy has a relation with the Syrian revolutionary mobility and the uprising of 18 March 2011. We affirm that obtaining the spirit of resistance and revolutionary determination will abort any act that is not based on the will and demands of the people. Such obtaining is a guarantee in dealing with all kinds of pressures and oppressive practices that we have been victimized either by the forces of darkness and terrorism or by local authoritarian regimes and regional powers that are trying to violate our areas and impose a system that does not fit with the values ​​of our society that emphasize co-existence which is not affiliated to religious and nationalist narrow-mindedness
We at the Syria Democratic Council ( MSD) are bowing to the greatness of all martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces who are drawing history at these historic moments to end terrorism in Baguoz. We realize that the battle for the total elimination of terrorism requires insistant , participatory, societal act in Syria, in region and in the world

11 March 2019
Thr Syria Democratic Council